Hockey Thunder Bay News

Fort William – Port Arthur on-ice battles were epic
WHILE it has been Thunder Bay for over five decades now, memories still linger amongst the local hockey brethren old enough to recall the [...]
Big win; tough loss for Twins in ’73
THE storied Thunder Bay Twins featured many memorable moments over their years of competition. One such run was their United States Hoc [...]
Tucker was an NHL’s Golden Seal
LIKE many growing up on the local outdoor rinks back in the day, there were those who held visions of strapping on the pads and competing [...]
Stewart was an established goal scorer
MANY players over the years remain etched in the memory banks of the local hockey faithful. One such well thought of individual is Ralph S [...]
Whitney played on defence with the likes of Don Cherry
SERVING as a steady defenceman, while having a penchant for contributing offensively with timely tallies, Arnott Whitney was a solid bluel [...]
Veneruzzo was versatile
HAVING researched the careers of many of the talented players who have called the Lakehead home, their achievements continually draw admirat [...]
Ceresino contributed to many successful teams
DIMINUTIVE in stature, yet highly proficient with his on-ice excellence, Ramo (Ray) Ceresino was among a long line of crafty forwards from [...]
Locals earning opportunities & accolades
RECENT on-ice accomplishments by a number of local players have earned themselves accolades for their respective efforts. OFF TO NORTHE [...]
Brindley bringing coaching development to Florida
  USING his playing days in Thunder Bay to earn a NCAA Division I scholarship to Miami (Ohio), Ryan Brindley built on that to furthe [...]
Brindley making most of his time in hockey
LIKE many before him, Ryan Brindley has taken what he learned in the rinks of Thunder Bay and went on to achieve success elsewhere. Fro [...]
Bragnalo was a tenacious, skilled talent
BACK in the days of the Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League, the Fort William Canadiens were a side that continually produced a plethora of o [...]
Margarit was one tough customer
ONE never really feigns disinterest when hearing tales of players from the Lakehead back in the day; especially of those who could handle th [...]