Hockey Thunder Bay News

Port Arthur packed a punch in ’56
By Tom Annelin / UNDOUBTEDLY on-ice action in the local junior hockey ranks during the mid-1950s offered [...]
High-powered Herks squad gearing up for 50-year reunion
OVER the years, many highly-touted local junior teams took to the ice and went on to achieve success. One such club was the 1973-74 Thund [...]
Plenty of all-star action at the Gardens over the years
THROUGHOUT the decades, there have been plenty of hotly contested match-ups played out at the confines of the Fort William Gardens. Dur [...]
Mekilok featured skill and ability to his game
LOOKING at the lengthy list of quality players to come out of Fort William, Max Mekilok is certainly one of those who posted impressive nu [...]
Bearcats had one last run in ‘69
ONE of the most successful organizations in the storied history of Canadian senior hockey is that of the Port Arthur Bearcats. For clos [...]
Maciver sports distinguished hockey resume
OVER the past 40-plus years, Norm Maciver has carved out a stellar path, both on and off the ice, that has made him one of the premier ind [...]
Maciver, Blackhawks readying for NHL Draft
UNLESS something totally unforeseen happens, on or before June 28, the Chicago Blackhawks will step up to the podium and officially announce [...]
Hrymnak was an unheralded defenceman
WHILE perhaps not as widely recognized among the many local stalwarts that laced them up over the years, Steve Hrymnak proved to be a qual [...]
Panthers have work to do if Kompon is to make NHL history
AFTER getting bounced in the first two games of the Stanley Cup Final, the Florida Panthers have some serious work to do if they hope to c [...]
Wojciechowski stands the test of time
BELIEVED to be the current oldest-living former National Hockey League player, Steve Wojciechowski continues to stand the test of time. [...]
Andrews among many exceptional local minor hockey sides
OVER the years, a plethora of local minor hockey teams went on to achieve tremendous success on the ice. On such club was the Thunder B [...]
Nelson Pyatt had skill to his game
FOR many years, countless local hockey talents who donned the blades and displayed exceptional talent on the ice, remained equally as person [...]