Their local favourites: Bill Houlder
Wanting to hear from local fans, reached out to a number of Lakehead products, who have spent many years invested [...]
Their hockey favourites: David Bragnalo
Wanting to hear from local fans, who like myself spent many a night in chilled arenas in the across the city watching local standout [...]
Akervall captained Canada at the 1964 Olympics
By Tom Annelin / THE names of those local stars who shone brightly on the confines of the ice remains long and s [...]
Smokey Harris was one of our early hockey stars
By Tom Annelin / WHILE many local hockey standouts are still remembered to this day, Wilfred (Smokey) Harris is [...]
Walter Bradley brought offensive skill-set to his game
By Tom Annelin / PERUSING through the numbers of those who distinguished themselves with their on-ice exploits [...]
Murdo MacKay piled up points in his career
By Tom Annelin / BORN on this date, August 8, 1916, 107 years ago, the late Murdo MacKay is another unsung Lak [...]
Plenty of all-star action at the Gardens over the years
THROUGHOUT the decades, there have been plenty of hotly contested match-ups played out at the confines of the Fort William Gardens. [...]
Mekilok featured skill and ability to his game
LOOKING at the lengthy list of quality players to come out of Fort William, Max Mekilok is certainly one of those who posted impressiv [...]
Hrymnak was an unheralded defenceman
WHILE perhaps not as widely recognized among the many local stalwarts that laced them up over the years, Steve Hrymnak proved to be a [...]
Wojciechowski stands the test of time
BELIEVED to be the current oldest-living former National Hockey League player, Steve Wojciechowski continues to stand the test of time [...]