25 Years in the books
WELL, here we are two and a half decades later, and this edition of Net Shots marks the conclusion of my 25th year of providing informat [...]
Port Arthur came close in 1927
OVER the decades, many tremendous teams did the Lakehead proud with their on-ice accomplishments. One such club was the 1926-27 v [...]
Great War Vets started it all
OVER the years, many teams from the Lakehead have won national championships. Be it Allan Cups, Centennial Cups, or Air Canada an [...]
Thunder Hawks won it all in 1992
CAPTURING the interest of their ever-growing fan base, 30 years ago, the first-year Thunder Bay Thunder Hawks went on to achieve the u [...]
Thunder Hawks found playoff grove in ‘92
AFTER finishing with a sub-.500 regular season record in the inaugural campaign of the Colonial Hockey League back in 1991-92, but buoye [...]
30 years since Thunder Hawks took flight
THREE decades ago a new era of hockey took flight within the confines of the Fort William Gardens. Gone were the Thunder Bay Twins, a p [...]
Hurricanes went to 1952 western Jr. final
WITH a local junior title secured, the 1951-52 version of the Fort William Hurricanes began charting a course along the western portio [...]
Herks were tops 70 years ago
AMONG the benefits of supplying this weekly contribution to the readers over the past 25 years is continuing to learn more on the stor [...]
Twins won 1st USHL title 50 years ago
DATING back a half century, the Thunder Bay Twins proved the old adage of: “It’s not how you start, but how you finish;” was very [...]
Columbus Canadiens class of Jr. in 1950s
FOR a seven-year run in the 1950s, there was no better club in the local junior ranks than the Fort William Columbus Canadiens. Fro [...]