Hogan’s Heroes won Allan Cup in 1975
THE storied history of hockey in the Lakehead is full of names that resonate with fans from all eras. One such individual who made [...]
Long awaited AHL Hall call for Creighton
SOME long-awaited, yet well deserved accolades were distributed last week to one of the many standouts to come out of the Lakehead, in [...]
Ward was one of the Lakehead’s original stars
AS a highly-skilled right wing, Jimmy Ward was one of the initial group of elite players on the ice that the Lakehead has ever produce [...]
‘Dashin’ Danny was electric
AS one of the many premier players to come out of the Lakehead, Danny Lewicki holds an impressive achievement, that in all likelihood, [...]
Local legends: Stan Baluik
  IN the many years that there were only six National Hockey League clubs, there were a multitude of players who were equally as [...]
Local legends: Larry Cahan
KNOWN as a rugged defender with a fierce disposition on the ice, Larry Cahan is yet another example of the long line of highly thought [...]
Local legends: Bruce Gamble
WHILE he might not be the most recognizable goaltender from the Lakehead, to those in the today’s era, Bruce Gamble is undoubtedly o [...]
Madigan piled up points in WHL
WHILE many local products put up solid numbers in the old Western Hockey League, no other player from the Lakehead had more points the [...]
Local legends: James (Bud) Jarvis
THE list of gifted hockey players from the Thunder Bay is lengthy and boasts a plethora of talent. One of the early local standouts [...]
Local legends: Rudy Migay
WITH such a splendid history of those hailing from the Lakehead, who have made their mark in hockey over the decades, the list of name [...]